As the project is ongoing, any information or document found on this page may not reflect the actual state of the game, and may be subject to change.


Peak is my end of studies project. The goal of the exercice is to redact the game design document of an entire game, while creating a vertical slice as a proof-of-concept.

Currently the game is at its preproduction phase: benchmarking tools and technologies, game design and artistic direction research.

My role in the team is to design gameplay mechanics, tricks, combo, and equipment systems. As part of the design team, I take part in all discussions about both the long term vision and the short term realisation. I also write design documents, am in charge of assuring the understanding of the design by the team members and take into account their feedbacks to iterate on the systems.

Design documents

Here you can see some of the documents I wrote for communicating systems to the rest of the team:


Equipment and combo system

A state-machine like diagram showing the states of the player based on their situation and inputs

More about the team

You cand find more about the team in their respective portfolios:

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