Aether is one of my two master degree end of first year projects. It’s more like an artistic and interactive experience using motion capture than a real game.


Aether is meant to be played in our installation we made in the school for the project. Technically, anyone with a V2 Kinect can play it, but it won’t develop the full potential of the experience.
The experience is calm, with a deep and meditative atmospshere. The purpose is simply to touch “points” on the screen, and let visual and sound effects develop, through the game but also as the player moves their arms. There is little to no challenge, no UI, no score, no failing or winning, just an experience you get through. During the development a narrative structure shaped our design process. There isn’t any word, nor narration, in the game, but its rhythm, its structure, the way the sounds and visuals were thought, everything were made according to this “hidden narration”.

The game can be downloaded here: Aether and watch the trailer here.

You can find a design document (in french) here explaining an attempt at creating a dynamic system for the level generation.

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