Abyssum is a 2D local multiplayer score oriented shoot’em up developped in 6 weeks during my master’s first year. The game is playable up to 4 players, in a single long automatic horizontal-scrolling level.


Players each control an aquatic-like neon character, can shoot bullets in front of them, and use an energy wave attack if they collected an item beforehand. Hitting enemies with bullets give a small amount of points to the player shooting at it, and destroying it gives a bonus to the corresponding player, depending on the type of enemy. Players only have one hit point, thus are destroyed and lose some points each time they get touched by an enemy or enemy bullets. When destroyed, players respawn after a few seconds, with a few seconds worth of immunity. If all the players are dead at the same time, the game is over. At the end of the game, either successful or not, a ranking shows the score of each player, and then puts them in a global highscore ranking.

Game mechanics

The games plays with gamepad, one for each player, moving around with the left analog joystick, shooting by pressing down A, and using the wave to push away the other players with X.

The game can be downloaded here: Abyssum.

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