ENJMIN 2017 Entry Exam: Monochrome

For the 2017 ENJMIN (National Game, Interactive and Digital Media School) entry exam I had to develop a game concept according to a given theme: Etienne de La Boétie’s Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, or the Against-One (here‘s the given extract).

The game is set in a funny dystopian world where the evil Malevitch took over the world and decreed all colors banished and forbidden. On day Eloïse, a young paintress and scientist, after finding an old painting from Jackson Pollock decide to fight the dictator with a painting machine of her invention and spread color all over the world.

The goal of the game is to get to the end of each level, overcoming different obstacles. For this the player can spread different colors over the ground and walls to give them specific caracteristics: bounce, acceleration or stickiness.

I designed these mechanics and the associated level with the game feel theory in mind and was inspired by Mario games. I wanted to give the player a funny tool to play with and let them explore the possibilites and develop their skill with a well-thought level design. I also wanted to make paint the only way the player can interact with the world, to put an emphasis on the artistic creation as a mean to free society, so enemies are fought by “converting” them with paint, the hostages are liberated with paint, and every movement the player can make (except walking) like jumping or dashing is visually represented as shooting green paint under or behind the player. All the paint stay on the level and modify its visual aspect along with the progression of the player.

You can find the entire file (in french) here.

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