Anti Musem


During the “fête du code créatif, (“creative coding festival”), the modern arts museum Centre George Pompidou hosted the Digital Art Jam, to promote existing links between creativity, modern and contemporary art, and interactivity or programming code. We were shown some works in the museum where the artists thought about the relation between the artist and the work, but also between the work and the spectator, with sometimes underlying notions of movement, perception and interactivity..

We created a game inspired by Mondrian paintings, in 3D with an isometric view where the player controls a thief that has to get into the museum George Pompidou to steal some works of art. A distinctive feature is that the thief cannot walk outside the black lines (just as Mondrian hated diagonals), et that he must regularly change his point of view to progress.

Our intention behind the game was to illustrate the link between an average spectator and a work of modern art that breaks all previously established codes and aesthetics, and appears at first mysterious and enigmatic. They must, if they wish to understand the work and the intentions of the artist, approach it from different perspectives, change their views on what art is and must be, to little by little build a thought process and begin to understand.


The player must get through two rooms, while avoiding being detected by security cameras, and being careful walking only on black lines on the floor. Furthermore to unlock the exit door, the thief must gather all four works of art scattered through the room.

A respawn point is located at the entrance of the room, then at the last collected work. The player spawns back at this point when they fail (getting detected or stepping out of the line).

There is no limited time or life to finish the game.

Game mechanics

The game plays with a gamepad, moving around the thief with the left analog stick, and rotating the camera around the character 90° to the left or right with shoulder buttons. The works of art are automatically collected at contact.

The game can be downloaded here: Anti Musem.

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