Color Mess


ColorMess is our entry for the 2017 Global Game Jam at Isart Digital Paris. This year theme was “waves”. We made a 2D top-view score based shooting game, where the player controls a spaceship that has to defeat colored enemies by using corresponding attacks.

Thus, to defeat a red enemy the player has to cast a red attack, and similarly for the other available colors. Each enemy type has a different color, movement pattern and attack, that the player has to learn in order to last the longest time possible.


The player controls a spaceship that can move in every direction and cast different colored attacks that all have a different shape. The goal is to last the longest time. The player has only one hit point, so the first projectile to hit the player end the game. There is no end to the game, but regularly, depending on the current score, a more powerful and complex enemy appears, and gives bonus points when defeated.

Game mechanics

The games plays with gamepad, preferably an Xbox 360/One one, for the colors of the buttons, but any computer compatible one can be used. The player moves around with the left analog stick, and shoot with X, Y and B. The X button being blue, cast a blue “wave”, the Y cast a yellow one and B a red one. By simultaneously pressing two buttons, a third color is cast, according to additive colors:
-red + blue = purple
-blue + yellow = green
-red + yellow = orange

The game can be downloaded here: Color Mess.

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