Timéo’s Lightmare


Timéo’s Lightmare is our entry for the Ludum Dare 37, with 16 of my BTech classmates. It was my first experience of non-supervised game creation.

This edition’s theme was “One Room”, so we decided to take it by the word and restrain the game’s environment to one room: a children’s bedroom. The kid wakes up in the middle of the night et sees himselfs attacked by monsters from his own nightmares. Equipped with his torchlight he has to make the ghostly creatures disappear by casting light on them, and can use different objects scattered through his room that, when lit, slow down enemies passing by.

It’s a pure scoring game where the player has to survive the longest time possible and resist to more and more numerous enemies.

On a total of 1489 games created during the week-end, Timéo’s Lightmare has been ranked:
190th in the visual category
-634th in the overall category


The game is in 2D with isometric view, where you plays a young boy in his room, at night, attacked by ghosts. He can only defend himself with his torchlight and some luminous objects in his room.

Ghosts randomly appear at different points on the map, and directly move towards the players. Targeting them with his torchlight beam makes them slowly lose health until they vanish.

Each one of the luminous object scattered in the room can be either lit or extinguished. When activated, they create a light area around them that slows down ghosts. The player can simultaneously only activate 3 objects. If one more is activated, the oldest one being lit is automatically deactivated.

Regularly during the game, the player can hear footsteps that symbolize Timéo’s parents that comes to check that he’s asleep. These sounds get louder and louder while the player isn’t in bed, and the game ends if a parent enter into the room. If the player gets to bed in time, the parent go away and the game go on.

An other way of failing is to get touched by a ghost, the player has only one hit point.

The player moves the avatar with the directionnal keys and uses the mouse to aim with the torchlight.

The game having been created during the Ludum Dare 37, its entry page can be seen here: Timéo’s Lightmare, and can also be downloaded here: https://itch.io/embed/105186?linkback=true.

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