Pac Man


During my BTech we had to realize a work of video-game market analysis, and according to this propose a remake of a classic. We chose to work on Pac-Man.

The concept was a mobile porting of the Pac-Man game, with the possibility of multiplayer play. The originality was in the shape of the labyrinth: instead of being in 2D, we thought of it being in 3D, on the surface of a sphere. We also wanted it to be procedurally generated.

Based on a round system, each of the five players alternatively play Pac-Man or one of the four ghosts, having a different goal according to their team (Pac-Man vs ghosts). A score system gives points to each player according to their performances, and at the end of the five rounds a final ranking determines the winner. All the players are rewarded soft currency, according to their position. This currency can then be spent to buy items to customize their characters..


Pac-Man has 3 lives and loses one each time a ghost touches it. Its avatar is then destroyed and spawns back at a randomly chosen spot in the labyrinth depending on the position of the ghosts. Ghosts have unlimited lives but go back to their starting zone when they get killed. Pac-Man can only kill ghosts when it touches them during 15 seconds after having eaten a Super Mac Gum. During that time, ghosts are slower, and return to their normal state when the Super Pac Gum effect wears off or when they get killed.

A round ends when Pac-Man has no life left, when it has eaten all of the gums in the level, or when the timer hits 0. Points are rewarded to the Pac-Man player depending on the number of eaten gums, the number of lifes left, the amount of time left, and the number of time the player has killed a ghost. The next player plays as Pac-Man, and a new round starts. At the end of the 5 rounds, the game ends, a ranking between the five players is made and they all get soft currency rewards according to their individual performance.

Game mechanics

The game plays on mobile phone, therefore uses touch inputs. The avatar automatically moves forward, the player only has to swipe in the wanted direction to make it turn, if there is an available path.

Pac-Man can freely move in all directions, et can stay motionless forever, whereas the ghosts can’t turn around and are destroyed if they stay still during 5 seconds.

Financial aspects

The game is free to play, and the full experience can be enjoyed without spending a cent. Different ads can be shown to the player to assure earnings, but only in menus, not while playing. Also, the player can chose to watch an optional ad video after each game to earn a bit of soft currency.

Furthermore, a store let the player purchase a premium version of the game for 0.99€ where no ad is shown, as well as purely aesthetic accessories.


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